Looking to Attract More People to Your Website? Here’s How

Anyone who runs a blog or owns an online business will know that one of the biggest problems you face is attracting new people to your website. It’s not an easy thing to get right. But read on if you want some useful tips.

Focus on Interesting Videos & Infographics

If you want to attract more people to your website you need to have something interesting and engaging to grab people’s attention. A regular series of videos (known as a vlog) could be a great way to do this. You could make them in-house or use a video production company to make them. Just make sure the end product appeals to the kind of people you want to attract to your website.

Infographics can be great for capturing people’s attention and also providing them with information at the same time. And if you create a really good one, people will show their friends and your hits will rise quickly.

Make Sure Your Website is Fast

People won’t return to your website if it’s slow and hard to navigate. And return visits are essential if you’re going to have a steady flow of traffic coming to your website. But if you’re not very good at web designing, you might not know how to improve the speed of your website. You could just change your web host or declutter the site to make it move faster.

Alternatively, you could get a professional web designer to analyse your website and make a few improvements for you. This is more costly, but it gives you a greater level of security. You should also make sure your website is designed responsively so it can be accessed on phones and tablets.


Build a Network

Networks are essential for attracting more people to your website. And I don’t just mean social networks; although using sites like Twitter and Facebook can be very useful for making more people visit your website too. Building industry networks can be even more valuable. But what does that mean?

If you’re working in a niche, whether you run a blog or a business, making contacts in your industry or sector can benefit you greatly. Of course, I’m not recommending you try to join forces with a competitor. But if you build relationships with sites that are complimentary to yours without being competitors, your traffic will be given a boost.

Encourage Sharing

One of the big benefits of producing online resources is the possibility for spreading the word and sharing content. You can go from a nobody to a hit overnight if something you produces captures people’s imaginations. That’s why you should encourage people who visit your website to share your contact and spread the word as much as possible.

If you produce blog posts, each post should have the option to be shared on various different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You could also offer rewards to people who refer their friends to your company if you run a business.

Use these tips, and you’ll have people flocking to your website in no time.

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