How To Make Working Remotely Work For You

Some people love to work remotely, and some don’t. The thought of getting through the working day without having a boss watching your every move can feel terrifying to some.  And really liberating to others! The thought of having to manage your own time and motivate yourself to hit your own deadlines can be quite daunting. Working remotely does offer a certain kind of freedom, though. One of the most wonderful things about working remotely is having the opportunity to travel while you work. If you can build up a business for yourself while maintaining a steady stream of clients, you may never have to join the rat race again. Imagine living in a working world where you don’t have to spend and 2 hours in the car to get to and from the office every day. Imagine never having to travel on a pack train or hot and sticky subway during the dreaded rush hour. Working remotely have many benefits; you just have to learn to motivate yourself and stick to your goals. At the end of the day, you are working for yourself. If you don’t maximize the opportunity you could end up falling short and being disappointed with yourself.


Secure your clients

When you first start to work remotely, you may well end up juggling a number of different clients at once. You might even end up working more hours than you ever have done before! You want to prove to your clients that they can rely on you and this might mean making deadlines that are tough and challenging. To secure yourself some regular clients to need to be reliable and contactable at all times. Don’t ignore emails and don’t make excuses. Your reputation is everything when you work remotely, and you want people to recommend you. At the end of the day, your reputation is your business.

Reduce problems

If you are starting to work remotely, you want the transition to be as smooth as possible. Make space for all of your office equipment and make sure all of your paperwork is in order. Organization is key! Invest in yourself by purchasing the best equipment that you can afford. This includes a reliable laptop, a reasonably priced phone and, make sure all of mail arrives efficiently to you using mail forwarding – The clearer and more organized your path is to working remotely, the more productive you will be.

Stay connected

It’s easy to feel lonely when you are always working on your own. There will be no Christmas party for you, and you’ll miss out on office banter. It’s a good idea to physically connect with the people that you work with at some point. Call them on the phone instead of always relying on email and invite them out for coffee if at all possible. It’s important that you still feel like you are a useful contributor, even if you aren’t seen every day.

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