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Mobile blogging made easier

16 Oct 2011 By

Blogging has really taken off in a big way in the last couple of years or so, and it’sno surprise that during the same period, smartphones and tablet computers have exploded onto the scene too.



While the humble laptop has been ticking over nicely in that time, many of us have now also splurged and got ourselves a smartphone. Many more internet fans are also stretching to a tablet device, due to the extra freedom and convenience it affords when you’re out and about.

Speak up

Of course, all this added mobility has meant that it’s now easier than ever to set up and run a blog, while updating it from just about anywhere is quick and easy thanks to the mobile internet, 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi in an awful lot of places

There’s no doubt that some people still prefer to sit in front of a laptop in order to do their social networking chores, but surveys suggest that there is also a surge towards doing it all on mobile phones and laptops instead.

In fact, now that there are apps and software programs that have been specifically tailored to suit these new mobile platforms, it actually makes a lot more sense to carry out your updates using a smartphone. Simply whip it out of your bag or pocket, tap in your thoughts and it’s online in a series of seconds rather than minutes or hours.

However, the only slight downside with doing any large postings for a blog while using a smartphone is that the keyboard and screen is generally going to be on the small side.

Take a tablet

In that respect, it’s really worthwhile taking a closer look at a tablet if you haven’t done so already. Although it was the Apple iPad that started the ball rolling, there are now tablets available in a whole array of specifications, running different operating systems and all coming with a diverse series of price tags.

You generally get what you pay for in this marketplace and while an iPad, or something like the Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will give you all the bells and whistles, there are actually cheap and cheerful counterparts that have all of the tools on-board to keep a blog healthy and up to date.

Needless to say, as with any mobile gadget, you’re always gong to be at the mercy of battery life on a lot of these new gadgets, and some are better than others. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to blog from anywhere, and at just about any time of the day or night then a smartphone, tablet or laptop will allow you to do it. Just
be sure to keep a charger at close quarters too.

Perhaps the only real downside about all of this new-found connectivity is that, due to the convenience and freedom of being able to blog 24/7, it’s becoming an all-consuming hobby for some of us. So, while mobile blogging is undoubtedly a good thing, make sure you don’t become a slave to its charms!

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