SEO Made Easy: How to Recover From Any Google Penalty

Google is always changing. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to start panicking about how your business can recover from Google changes in the online world. Rather, it’s time to start putting together a fantastic action and recovery plan. After all, SEO doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be an easy feat. You just need to ensure that you are on the right lines and making sense of Google penalties.

So, when it comes to Google and its penalties are there ways that your website can recover? Of course it can! Here are some simple checks that you can do to make sure that your site is ranking high and obeying the laws of Google.


Making Sense of Penalisation

Okay, so you’ve made the grim discovery that you have been penalised by Google. But, that doesn’t mean that you should throw in the SEO towel. Now, you need to make sense of why this has happened. One of the easiest ways to discover your drop in traffic is to complete a manual action. Head to Webmaster Tools and take a look at your notification. Google will alert you to any issues that you may have in the form of an error message.

Recover Your Rankings, the Easy Way

There are many SEO services that you can use to improve your rankings. But, there are some tried and tested ways that you can recover your rankings too. First stop; identify your back links.

Backlink Problems

Using Google, you can check Webmaster Tools and click on the search links. Download and import all of the backlinks that are used to your site. Now, you need to make sense of the ones that are less beneficial and the ones that are relevant. After all, you don’t want to get rid of your good quality links. It’s the spammy ones that need to go. Of course, if a link to your site has been posted in forums or threads, this could be a sure-fire sign of why you are not ranking highly. So, endeavour to get these removed. Contacting the owners of the forums is a good place to start. A simple email should do it.

Duplicate Content

As we all know, duplicate content is a huge no-no. If you have found that someone has used your content and has plagiarised it, you need to remedy the issue. You may have inadvertently duplicated someone else’s content. Don’t panic. This can be fixed. It’s back to using the trust Google Webmaster Tools to ensure that you are making the problem go away. They will alert you to the content and the bad practice. With that, you can the steps to strip the content or to address the problem. When the content is in line with Google guidelines, you can re-post the content that you desire.

Getting Rid of Negative SEO

Negative SEO, bad links, duplicate content. They can all have an impact on rankings. But, it doesn’t mean that your site is dead in the water. Rather, it means that you can take a stringent approach to removing these issues. Plus, you are now in the know of what is acceptable and what is not. Treat the exercise like an SEO learning curve. Understanding the crux of the problem is important.

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