SEO Tips & Trick for Magento Website

Magento is a highly outstanding eCommerce platform, used by numerous eCommerce companies. As the success of eCommerce sites largely depends on attracting new customers, retaining the old ones and providing them the best shopping experience, it is important for e-shop owners to increase their site’s visibility in Google & other search engines to receive traffic and convert them into leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) determines the ranking of websites in different search engines. SEO Optimization of eCommerce websites are more complicated than doing SEO for a typical website with a few pages. So, when you run a Magento store, you need to apply some useful and effective SEO tips (given here below) to make your online store visible to your customers and improve its performance at an optimum level:

1. Pay attention to the quality of your website

Google always thinks about the website’s quality before indexing them into its search results. You must think- Is your website helping users what they are looking for? In order to determine the quality of your site, Google uses some key parameters such as time spent on your site by visitors, bounce rate, load time, design, ease of navigation, etc. Make sure you are addressing these issues carefully to give your user the best shopping experience on your e-commerce site.

2. SEO Audit

When you do SEO to improve your site’s ranking in Google and other search engines, it is possible that you may not be covering all aspects of the SEO. Therefore, you need to start a comprehensive audit of your website to identify SEO problems and take active steps to remove them as soon as possible. You can use SEO tools to discover issues that impact your site’s SEO.

3. SEO optimized fresh & unique contents

Search engines are always hungry for unique and fresh contents to give the Internet users the best result for their search queries. That is why, you need to publish fresh contents on your websites so that Google and other search engines may index your website’s page in its ranking. In order to generate traffic to your website, you can do blogging. Actually, blogging gives your website more exposure, makes internal linking (for your website) easier and keeps your customers updated about the new services and updates about your business. All these help your site to rank higher on Google and you enjoy healthy traffic back to your website. Have a look at some basics of blogging:

a. Don’t use article spinning tools to produce contents for blog posting. It will damage your site’s ranking eventually. Use only fresh, unique and SEO optimized contents for updating your blog,

b. Update your blog regularly and maintain a healthy ratio of promotional ads to content. People don’t come to your blog to see ads, but to read out useful contents.

c. Make sure you are using relevant images and videos in your contents as it will help you generate more traffic to your website.

4. Research your keywords properly

Keyword research is a complex SEO puzzle, faced by SEO professionals. When you target the wrong keywords, it will generate low quality traffic to your site and will result in lower sales. But, placing the right keywords on your product pages will help you allure highly qualified consumers and get your sales target easily. After development of your Magento website, Use Keyword Planner to perform keyword research to find out the most relevant keywords for your site based on various factors such as search volume, relevancy, ranking in search engines etc. It will help you to target your customers easily.

5. Display customer reviews on your site

It has been observed that customer reviews help a lot in lead generation and boost ROI by 62%. Product reviews displayed on your site help prospective buyers to get an idea about the quality of products and services they are going to buy. From SEO point of view, product pages that have product reviews (user generated contents) are likely to rank higher in Google as it always looks for pages with fresh and unique contents.
6. Do Aggressive SMO
SMO helps impacts your site’s search engine optimization efforts in many ways:

● It’s a new tool of link building,
● Helps your contents to get indexed in Search engines quickly,
● Quick boosting of relevant contents from shared posts

So make a solid presence on all leading social media channels and share your product pages regularly so that interested buyers can share your product information with their followers and help you to generate leads.

7. Make your website mobile friendly

As shopping through is increasing rapidly, it is important for you to make your e-store mobile-friendly. As per data, 30% of all eCommerce sales in the USA takes place on mobile devices and 30% of mobile users don’t make transactions on websites that are not optimized for Mobile devices. Additionally, Google prefers mobile-friendly websites. So, you lose your business almost everyday if don’t have a mobile optimized website. Just make your website mobile responsive for increased sales and conversions.

8. “Out of Stock” page

As you toil hard and use a number of SEO tips to increase your site’s visibility in Google and other search engines, you would not like to lose your site’s traffic and business too, simply because of “Out of Stock” page on your site. Just be smart, change the content of that page immediately and display a similar product to keep your customers engaged. You can also inform your customers about the availability of that product while displaying other similar products.

9. Review your competitors sites

As eCommerce world is packed with small and large e-retailers, you have to compete against them and drive traffic to your website for lead generation. You can review your competitors’ sites to have an idea about their SEO strategy and then define your main keywords to compete them, get quality inbound links, etc. Just analyze the architecture of your competitor’s sites and see how they have organized their product pages to give users the ease of navigation- an essential condition for e-shops to get more customers easily.
10. Use Google Analytics
All e-retailers need to keep a close eye on their site traffic and take active steps to increase it. They can use Google analytics to keep themselves up-to-date with website insights and design their marketing strategies accordingly to generate traffic and increase the chances of conversion.


For getting an e-store ranked in Google’s top 10, requires SEO professionals to equip themselves with the best SEO practices (mentioned above) regularly and work honestly. If you monitor Google’s algorithm updates carefully and do effective SEO accordingly, your site will rank up in Google and you will enjoy a big slice of online traffic to boom your eCommerce business easily and comfortably.

Author Bio: Emily Benson is a talented blogger and CMS developer by profession. She provides Magento development services at HireMagentoGeeks Ltd. and has a team of expert developers to assist her in every project.

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