Store Manager for Magento Review

Magento shopping cart is an acknowledged titan of eCommerce, the most effective and
elaborate shopping platform. No wonder that the biggest amount of diverse extensions, modules
and other additional software is developed for Magento. But the question that arises in this
situation is how Magento store owner can find a right solution for their business in the ocean of
various offers.
You may ask: What if I don’t need any additional software? Can’t I handle everything on my
own? Of course, you can! But how much time and effort will you need to carry out daily tasks?
Magento itself is a very elaborate platform that requires additional skills and a lot of time from its
users. A right solution is indispensable, if you don’t want to waste all your time on daily tasks.
Store Manager simplifies all the operations that you wouldn’t be able to perform on your own in
the shopping cart itself.

Store Manager for Magento offers quite a wide range of functions. In Product Management
and Category Management sections you can create, edit and delete products and categories
respectively, modify the existing product attributes and create the new ones. Customer
Management serves to organize all the information about your clients in one place.
Store Manager for Magento also offers an effective solution for Order Management. The
corresponding option allows you to arrange all the orders, filter them by any period of time
and export to excel .csv file. Another important feature is the possibility to perform Products/
Categories Import and Export fast and easily.

There is also a range of addons which are included in Store Manager in demo mode and will
function to the whole extent after you purchase the license. So, everything’s in one place:
Quickbooks Integration, Automated Product Import, Multi Editor and other extensions. Using
Store Manager for Magento you don’t need to search for any additional software, everything’s
here, waiting for you to use it.

One more useful feature of Store Manager for Magento is the opportunity to perform operations
with bulk entities. For instance if you are to import 2000 items to your store, there’s no need to
enter them all manually. With Store Manager for Magento it takes minutes to accomplish the

Store Manager for Magento doesn’t require any programming skills. Even an average user can
get the hang of its functioning without any problems. A simple installation procedure together
with a comprehensible Quick Start Guide, clear instructions and approachable support team are
the things really appreciated by the users of this app.

Store Manager for Magento is a tool that combines in itself all the functions you need for the
management of your online store. If you’re still questioning yourself whether such an application
pays the cost and is the right choice for you, you can define that for yourself by trying out Store
Manager for Magento in a demo mode.

Get more details about Store Manager for Magento here

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