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The Benefits Of Social Media For Business! - TodaytricksTodaytricks

The Benefits Of Social Media For Business!

09 Jun 2015 By


Social Media has become an increasingly popular business tool. There are lots of reasons you need to add social media to your digital marketing campaign. But it also has other plus points too! Here are some of the key benefits of social media for business:


Social Media marketing is pretty much free of charge. You don’t have to pay to set up social media accounts; they’re free. Once you have an account set up, it’s your choice if you want to pay extra. For a small fee, you can pay for advertising through the sites. Eg On Twitter, you can pay for ‘promoted tweets’ that reach people who don’t follow you. Social Media is the most cost effective marketing technique online.

Customer Engagement

It’s the best way to engage with customers. You can talk to them through social media and respond to their queries. It’s a quick way of delivering quality customer service. It’s also a great way to attract potential customers. You can engage in conversations to try and promote your business directly to them. Customers can also supply you with feedback on things, through social media. Say your business is making hats, you can show them ideas on a new hat and they’ll provide feedback. They can tell you which design is the best, and then you can make that design knowing it will be popular!

Customer Loyalty

Using social media is a great way to inspire customer loyalty. Customers will like a business who constantly updates them with info and chats to them. You can also use social media for promotions/giveaways. You can do a giveaway that requires people to like your Facebook page and share your status. Consumers like brands that give things back to customers, so social media giveaways are great for inspiring loyalty.

Website Traffic

Social media is used in many outreach strategic marketing campaigns to grow a web presence. Through social media, you can direct people to your site. You can post links to sections of your site through social media platforms. Twitter is a great way to post tweets linking your site that will get seen by lots of people through ‘hashtags’. Post pictures of products on Instagram/Facebook, with the product link attached. If there’s one thing internet users love, it’s clicking links. Some people feel weirdly obliged to click every link they see. So posting links is a great way to gain website traffic.

Audience Analysis

You can use social media to analyse your audience. There are tools that will analyse a social media page and tell you all sorts of things. You can find out where the majority of your followers live/what language they speak. You can also find out what similar interests they have. It’s a handy way to find out the predominant gender of your audience. You need to know your audience to succeed in business. You could be marketing your business for one, specific, audience but find out that actually, your target audience is different.

There are lots of benefits to adopting social media for your business. Don’t be fooled into thinking social media is a worthless tool that kids waste their days on. By not using social media, your business is missing out. You don’t want to be playing catch up, so start using social media for your business today!

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