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The Drawbacks of outsourcing website design offshore - TodaytricksTodaytricks

The Drawbacks of outsourcing website design offshore

16 Nov 2011 By

Successful global businesses thrive on outsourcing their operations to developing countries and even smaller local businesses have considered outsourcing. Outsourcing has a lot of advantages but is not entirely free of drawbacks either.

If you are planning to outsource website designing offshore, consider the pros and cons of doing so in a balanced way. You might already have a good idea of the advantages. Here are a few drawbacks that you might want to keep in mind.

Quality of Technical Expertise

When going for outsourcing, you don’t usually select vendors through referrals. You search online, and select one of the options you think might be the best choice based on a short evaluation. Even though the initial trial might have been great, there is no guarantee that any other unexpected demands from you might be entertained equally well. For example, the outsourced website designing company might be able to design your website for desktops well, but it might not be able to fulfil your request for a mobile version of the same website.

Quality of Service

The quality of service isn’t just limited to good communication between the two parties. In the long run, punctuality, commitment and a good understanding between the businesses are extremely crucial. With no physical interaction and hardly any legal threat, there isn’t much pressure on the foreign outsourcing business to continue services. Also, smaller sized outsourced website designers may be volatile. Right in the middle of your project, the small company might be forced to shut due to unexpected shortcomings (financial or managerial). This can cause you loss of time and money both.


An outsourcing website designing team may have to work with your company’s crucial information. If the website is being run to be launched on the intranet (a connection that is used only by the employees), there might be risks of exposing that information to unwanted parties. Also, letting another team know the ins and outs of your website can also make it vulnerable to external attacks.

Bad publicity

The little trademark of the outsourced website designer at the bottom of your website might not be something good for you. Outsourcing isn’t looked upon with a friendly eye in countries where people are losing jobs because of operations being transferred to developing countries to cut costs.


The cost of operations in developing countries is significantly lower than that in developed ones. However, due to high uncertainty in the environment, prices of things such as fuel and electricity may significantly rise. The outsourced company might either request increase in future payments which might disrupt your budget, or it may cut down on quality to make up for the increase in costs.

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