The Perfect Plan For Your Company Website

The accessibility all businesses have to professional websites has totally changed marketing. No matter how small your firm is, you can have an online presence which rivals multi-national giants! If you want a site that’s going to be this successful, you’ll need to have a solid plan in place. Whether you’re going to outsource it to a professional designer or do it yourself, having a plan is essential to your success. Here’s how to draft a plan for your site.


First of all, come up with a long-term vision and stick to it. Three to five years ahead is a good marker. Take into consideration all the market research you have access to, as well as ongoing developments in your specific niche. Keep your goals realistic though. If you want to be outdoing Amazon’s eBook revenues by 2017, you might need a reality check. Once you have a set vision for your company, use it to shape the design and content of your site. This, in turn, will affect the kinds of advertisers and affiliates which you can reel in.

Long before your site goes live, make sure to have a long review of your business model. Is your current line of products or services really all your customer base could want? If this is your company’s first site, it could present an opportunity for you to tap into revenue streams you’ve never considered before. I’m talking about things specific to online companies. Streams such as eBooks, membership fees, and downloaded software can all be tapped into. Set the model of your site up so that you can sell more than one service or product to a customer. If your company has physical retail outlets as well as an online store, you could also run exclusive promotions through your site. If you want a load of innovations which make you feel out of your depth, find the best site builder you can afford.


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Make sure to spend some time looking at your marketing strategies too. Online business has changed marketing a lot. You’ll need to select inexpensive, yet effective strategies which will bring in large amounts of traffic. This will usually involve exploiting social media as much as possible, and integrating it into your site. This is a great way to kick-start a viral marketing campaign, in which you let your customers do most of the work for you. While coming up with social media campaigns, make sure to keep a keen eye on your closest competitor. You may think you’ve come up with a great, unique idea, but make sure to triple check it hasn’t been done before. When you’re seen to be ripping off a competitor, it stirs up a lot of contempt in social media users.

Once you have these features of your plan in place, the rest will be much easier to draft and put into action. My final pointer would be to remember the speed at which the internet is changing. Make sure yours is the most innovative site out there, or at least make sure you have all the latest gimmicks!

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