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The Ultimate Guide To App Marketing - TodaytricksTodaytricks

The Ultimate Guide To App Marketing

04 Jun 2015 By

It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to develop an app for their company. There are many benefits to having a mobile app; the key is about connectivity. Having a mobile app is one thing, but it’s useless if no one knows about it. You need to understand how to market the app to get people to know about it. This guide will help you find some simple ways to market an app for your business.


Contact App Review Companies

Contacting an app review company can be a good start to any app marketing campaign. App review companies do exactly what it says on the tin. They review apps. They review them and then post the reviews online for people to see. If you can get your app reviewed by a company, then it’s going to get seen by an already existing audience.

Create A Website

You can create a site for your app. App websites are a very specific thing, they aren’t like a full website. Sometimes the site only needs to be one page displaying the app with some details. Things like screenshots and reviews, as well as links to download, are great to include on the site. Of course, you’ll then need to market the website to drive traffic to it.

Hire Someone

Hiring an online app marketing company is an easy way to market your app. If you’re willing to spend money on your marketing campaign then hiring an expert can be a wise decision. Although it’s not free, like other app marketing techniques, there are benefits. A specialist company will have prior experience and knowledge of how to market an app. They also may have more connections to sites you can promote your app on.


Set up a blog either on your company’s website or as a standalone site. A blog is a great way for you to promote your app to an audience. Write creative, engaging, content to keep an audience hooked on your blog. The more people you get reading your blog, the better. Have links to your app at various places on your site. You can even write specific posts regarding your apps progress or features to promote it.

Social Media Accounts

Create various accounts for your app over social media sites. Social networking sites are great for promoting an app. You can engage with consumers and promote your app to them directly. Post tweets with links to your app and appropriate hashtags so people can find out about it. Get on Instagram and post pictures/video clips of the app showing off it’s features.

The bottom line is; you need to market your app online if you want it to succeed. It doesn’t matter how cool or quirky your app is; people need to know about it. By combining all the tips above, you’ll have a solid marketing campaign. You can measure the success of your marketing campaign easily. Simply make a note of the downloads prior to your new marketing campaign. Then compare it to downloads in a similar time span, after the marketing. You should find that you’ll have a lot more downloads after!

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