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The Ultimate Tools to Improve and Monitor Your SEO - TodaytricksTodaytricks

The Ultimate Tools to Improve and Monitor Your SEO

18 Jun 2015 By

We all know how important search engine optimisation is to build a profitable online business. If you want to be found by your target market, then you need to pay attention to SEO. However, unless you’re an expert in the field, it can be quite difficult. Thanks to the powers of the internet, there are some tools that can make life a little easier. As long as you know the basics, then these tools will ensure you can improve and monitor your SEO with ease.

Google Webmaster Tools

If you’re not using this then you’re missing out on some vital statistics for your website. Statistics that can seriously help improve your SEO. You can also use this to monitor which keywords people are using to find your website. This can come in really handy if you want to see how people are finding you. Google have recently made changes to their Webmaster dashboard, to reflect their mobile-friendly updates. Use this wisely and it could become your new best friend in the SEO world.


If you run a WordPress website then you should have the Yoast plugin already installed. If not, go ahead and do it now! This ingenious tool enables you to enhance every single one of your pages and posts. Making them more Google friendly. Just select your keyword and see how good the optimisation is for that page. Red is bad, orange is OK, and green is good. You’ll also be given hints and tips on how to improve what you’ve already got. If you want to improve the SEO on your site, then this is a good place to start. Use it alongside an SEO rank checker to see how well you’re doing.



Rank Checkers

There are plenty of rank checkers available online. Some better than others. The Chatmeter local SEO rank checker is just one example of one done right. If you thought Webmaster tools gave you a lot of information, then a rank checker will be a revelation. You can focus on local SEO to see how well your website is doing against competition in your area. This is a good idea if you run a small business that services a particular part of the country. All SEO experts will tell you to focus on local search engine rankings before you try for world domination. After all, your local customers are likely to be your most loyal. Not only that, but Google have recently put a strong focus on local search results.

Google Analytics

Believe it or not, Google Analytics can help you monitor your SEO. It’s nowhere near as good as some of the other tools on the market, but it does have some useful insights. For example, you can see how many people found your page through organic search. Albeit, not usually which keywords they used to find you. Google’s privacy settings now makes it a pain to work out which keywords people are using to access your website. You can still use Analytics as a way of monitoring the levels of organic search traffic, however.

Use a combination of these top tools to improve and monitor your SEO. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make to have both eyes on the ball.

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