This Is Why Colour Is So Important To Your Website

Everyone has a favourite colour. We have a built in emotional response to colour palettes and we can’t often describe why. The simple fact is that colours have a powerful emotional pull on everyone. They have been tested and used by designers for decades to perfect the selling process. With the right colours you can influence people in a strong way. People will identify with you through colour.

You can even convince people to buy, just by choosing the right colours. Have you ever thought about this when it comes to your website? What kind of people is your colour scheme attracting? Today we’re going to look in a little more detail at why this is so important. Plus, we’ll explain how you put this knowledge into action on your site.

Colours that women love

If your service, product or site is aimed towards women, then it’s important to identify with them. Women know immediately if a website is designed for them, just as men do. They are subconsciously drawn to a site that uses certain colours. For example, blues, purples and greens are (in general) women’s preferences. They will identify with these colours. At the same time, they’ll be repelled by greys, browns and oranges.

Colours that men love

If your goal is to build a strong male audience, you can follow a similar tactic. Again, colours have been used for decades to appeal directly to the males. They also have an affinity to green and blue, but they also love a healthy dose of black. This is what your website should have, if men are your target audience. If you’re after a gender neutral site, aim for blues or greens. Men tend to dislike orange and brown too, but will also be repelled by purples.

What colour says about your site

Gender is not the only consideration when it comes to your website. The colour scheme you choose says a lot about the type of site you own. Our friends at a Phoenix web design company tell us that people have subconscious connections to colour. For example, we tend to find blue calming and trustworthy. There’s a reason why Facebook, PayPal and banks use this colour. Green has connotations with nature, the environment and compassion. Black is great for depicting luxury and exclusivity. It gives your site an edge. Yellows and oranges are strong warning colours but can be used to good effect to encourage impulse.

The isolation effect

You’ll have noticed that certain colours stand out in the world around you. For example, in a field of green, you can always spot a single yellow flower. You can apply this effect to your website. If your site is flooded with blue colours, use a yellow or orange for the call to action button. It will draw your customers’ eyes because it is so isolated. It’s a simple, easy way to use colour effectively.
What does the colour of your website say about you? Always keep your target audience in mind when choosing a colour palette. Follow these colourful tricks and you’ll be flying!

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