What Sort of Video Should Your Business Make?

If you own a business, people may have told you before that you need to use video marketing. You might have done some research and realized that videos are a powerful marketing tool. But what sort of videos should you create for your company, and what can they do for? There are lots of different things you can do with this medium, from demonstrating your product to creating an involved story that tugs at people’s heartstrings. However, it can be tough to decide what sort of video is right for you. While the budget will play a part, you also need to think about your aims. Consider these types of video for your brand to promote it to a wider audience.


Product Videos

If you decide to make a product video, you can create something that shows people your products and tells them how they will help them. While you could hire a video company to make these, you could also do them in-house without any outside help. You can use them convince customers that they want to buy a product they’re looking at. You might feature them on product pages to encourage people to add the product to their purchases. You might also demonstrate how the product works.


A storytelling video is a lot more involved than a product video or other types. It’s something that you’re much more likely to want to hire a video marketing company for. They will have the expertise to execute the project well, avoiding cheapness or cheesiness. These creative stories are the sort of thing that often goes viral, although be aware that there’s certainly no guarantee of that. They are excellent for sharing and encouraging comments and conversation too.

How To and Tutorials

You can also use videos to share your knowledge relating to your products and industry. These videos might feature your products, but they could also just be linked instructionals and how-to guides. Content that shows people how to do things is incredibly popular, no matter what format it’s in. If you’ve had success with written content or infographics, this could be a next logical step for you. You could make them yourself or hire someone to help. They’re excellent for creating a continuing series that you can regularly update.


You might also want to produce ads that you can insert before or during YouTube videos, as well as other places you can put them. For these, you need to employ a video production company. You don’t just have to advertise your products. You could talk about other things too, like the content on your blog. Make sure that you brand them properly and include a call to action so that people know what to do next.

Don’t worry if you have a low budget. There are still options you can use, whether it’s making your own tutorials or doing something even simpler. You could try using Vine or other short video platforms, where you don’t need to make anything sophisticated.

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