Which Features Make Magento A Unique Platform For E-commerce Website Development?

During the process of launching an online store, every merchant is bound to get confused when it comes to selecting the right solution. With hundreds of e-commerce softwares available in the web market, it can be quite challenging to estimate the pros and cons before making a choice. Fortunately, we have handy statistics which revel the name of the finest e-commerce solution that is free(like air) and comes loaded with great features. Magento, one of the leading e-commerce platforms has been serving as the backbone for hundreds and thousands of e-commerce websites belonging to different business verticals.

Today, through this post, I’ll be highlighting the key features of Magento that have made it a unique and highly recommended platform for development of simple and complex e-commerce websites. So, let’s get started with unleashing the top-notch features of Magento.

#1- Mangento is an open source e-commerce solution

With the prices of numerous e-commerce softwares touching the sky, Magento is absolutely free and easy to install. You can install the Magento Community Edition free of cost and use it in any way you like. Moreover, you can also go ahead with installing several Magento extensions that would aid you in supercharging your Magento code and adding innovative features and functions into your Magento powered e-store. The Magento Connect marketplace serves as the hub for these easy-to-use extensions.

#2- A rich collection of plugins, modules and extensions

Magento CMS is equipped with a wide range of out-of-the-box features which are custom-made to fit the needs of every type of E-commerce enterprise. However, if you’re an online entrepreneur who’s looking for some extra features that can keep you ahead of your competitors, then Magento e-commerce development is what you must choose without giving any second thought. This e-commerce platform comes with both free and paid plugins, extensions and modules that allow you to add additional features and functions into your Magento powered e-store. For instance, if you aren’t contended with the functionality available in the Magento Community Edition, you can conveniently upgrade to the Magento Enterprise Edition to make your online store different from the huge crowd of stores available over the web.

#3- An amazing flexibility of extending the front-end as well as the back-endfeatures for your Magento e-store

Owning an e-commerce website isn’t enough for ensuring a flourishing online business. You need to have the flexibility of customizing and extending the existing features of your Magento web portal. Magento is the e-commerce platform that provides you just that. You can conveniently customize the theme of your website, without causing any harm to the core system files. Doing this will also aid you in developing an absolutely remarkable browsing experience for the website visitors.

#4- Magento comes with stunning multi-store capabilities

With Magento, you can go ahead with running multiple websites via a single installation/setup. That means, you won’t have to get into the hassles of installing Magento separately for each of your e-stores, only a single setup would be sufficient for operating multiple websites along with website views.

#5- Magento has been specially created for E-commerce

Just like WordPress CMS has been created for powering any type of website or blog, in the same way, Magento has been custom—made for serving as a backbone for the e-commerce websites. Owned by eBay Inc., Magento has undoubtedly emerged as a globally accepted and recommended CMS for building e-commerce websites. It has everything that needs to go into the website that belongs to a web- based business owner. Hence,if you’re serious about the E-commerce and want to scale new heights of success, an investment in Magento e-commerce development will definitely work for you.

#6- Magento supports integration with varied third-party systems

Third-party integration is indeed the most vital pre-requisitive of every successful business. Magento e-commerce platform also doesn’t lag behind in this. It supports the integration of numerous payment gateways, shipping carriers and a variety of sales channels like Amazon, eBay etc. This ensures a rapid growth of your online business, thereby allowing you to grow your ROI(Return On Investment) without worrying about the process of managing the website/e-store’s back-end architecture.

#7- Magento is SEO-friendly

With SEO(Search Engine Optimization) becoming one of the most critical concerns among website owners, Magento doesn’t let you worry about the same. Serving as an SEO-friendly content management system, Magento is packaged with effective SEO features like sitemaps, search engine friendly URLs, URL rewrites, layered navigation, meta tags, meta descriptions and many more.

#8- Magento supports Internationalization

There are many e-merchants who’re in a need of an e-commerce website that is available in a variety of languages that are easily understood by people residing in the targeted countries. If you too are one such online merchant, then Magento e-commerce development is for you. Loaded with support for localization and multiple tax rates and currencies, Magento also allows you to set an easily configurable list of allowed countries for a specific set of e-store features and utilities. Moreover, with Magento, you can even find support for right to left text and accented characters.

#9- Magento supports mobile commerce

Everybody is talking about the exponential growth in the popularity of mobile commerce across the globe. Magento platform has also not been untouched by mobile commerce. With built-in mobile commerce features, Magento allows you to build fantastic apps for your e-commerce store. With more than a whopping 1.2 billion people accessing the web via their smartphones and smart tablets, the convenience of developing an e-commerce which serves as a mobile responsive website is utmost benign.

#10- Magento comes with a wide community of Magento development professionals

The huge Magento development community plays a vital role in ensuring the consistent growth of this absolutely commendable e-commerce platform. With tons of online blogs and forms available for the Magento users, it becomes quite convenient to receive answers for any questions related to installation and use of Magento CMS. The dedicated team of Magento experts is there to help you with the right kind of solution within the least amount of time.


Choosing Magento- a secure, flexible and highly reliable e-commerce solution is a decision you won’t regret. Irrespective of your business’ size and needs, Magento CMS platform is there to handle millions of transactions without making them face any kind of inconvenience. Hence, go ahead and choose Magento for taking your e-business to a whole new level of excellence.

Author Bio:– Tyler holt is a professional Programmer with major interests in web technologies of all sorts.he is currently employed with Xicom Technologies – the front runner in Magento ecommerce development services. And generated various aspects of modern technologies.

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