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Why Businesses Are Obsessed With Data

30 Jul 2015 By

Every business uses data in some form, but why? Back in the day, companies never used to bother about statistics and analytics, and they did okay. In fact, some of them did better than okay. Yet, today you would be hard-pressed to find a successful firm that didn’t consult the data at their disposal. It might seem new age and fussy, but it does make a big difference. If you don’t believe me, here are a few reasons why.


Customer Information

Not every piece of data is useful, but most are if you comb through them thoroughly. What stats do is tell a business a lot about their customers. What they like to buy and how they like to spend their money. The data is like a free insight into their mind, and that is essential. With that info, they can change their approach accordingly and make more money. They can offer existing customers more of what they want and widen their customer base by attracting new ones.

Business Information

The customers make you money, but your business saves you money. It is all about how you run your business. Is it running as efficiently as it could be, or is it lacking in certain areas? Web analytics data will tell you exactly what your business is doing wrong and how it can improve. The data will is taken from relevant sources like Google Analytics and then translated into a language you can understand. The right web analytics consulting agency can turn your business into a well-oiled machine.


A lot of business decisions need to be made on the spot to take advantage of certain situations. There is always room to react in business, but there is never the right info to guide you through the process. That is until now and the reams of raw data available at the click of a button. Now, reacting to changes in the industry could not be simpler. Once it was risk worth taking, now it is not even a risk and that is due to the data.

Understanding The Future

Again, planning for the future was once a risk that firms had to take. Now, it is like having Mystic Meg and her crystal ball by your side. In general terms, data show patterns that businesses can exploit. It might be as simple as why people buy certain items at certain times of the year, or it might be much more abstract. Whatever the pattern, businesses can plan for the future with a lot of certainty and understanding of how it will play out.

Cost Effective

What do all the above have an effect on? Cost. The main reason businesses are obsessed with stats analysis and raw data is because it saves them money. On the flip side, it also makes them money. Every business needs to make and save as much cash as they can, which is why stats are a fixture across the industry. it doesn’t matter how big you are, you are never too big to cut back on costs.

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